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Weekly clinic for mothers & babies

Weekly clinic for mothers & babies

Rwenzori Mountains Baghuma Integrated Association (RAMBIA) is an indigenous non-governmental developmental and voluntary organization formed in 1993, reflecting the desire of the rural population to develop and implement strategies for improving the standard of living.

Our Mission

To create a positive change among the rural population by building their capacities and advocacy for self-reliance, social services, vocational and recreational activities for economic development.

Our Vision

Becoming a reputable, credible and sustainable organization facilitating the transformation of the rural population through self-reliance and poverty alleviation initiatives.

Our Community

RAMBIA and its Health Centre are at Kyamakube Trading Centre in the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, near Rubona, south-west of Fort Portal which is 320 kilometres west of the capital, Kampala. In the local government structure, RAMBIA is located in Nsuura Parish, of Katebwa Sub County in Bunyangabu District.

The region is predominantly agricultural with the principal food crops being sweet potato, maize, cassava, beans, yams and bananas. The main cash crops are tea and coffee.

The immediate community served by RAMBIA is populated predominantly by subsistence farmers who because of the inaccessibility of the terrain have difficulty getting their crops to market as well as accessing the limited health care facilities. In particular, it is difficult for expectant mothers to get to a hospital to deliver their babies, and RAMBIA’s Health Centre provides essential services to mothers and their children who otherwise would have to give birth at home.

This part of mid-western Uganda has been characterized by high HIV/AIDS prevalence and from the early 1990’s it suffered a protracted ADF armed rebellion resulting into high numbers of orphans and vulnerable children.

In the early 1990’s, a group of visionary community members started RAMBIA, what has now evolved into a community service organization working to improve the health, education and poverty situation of the community.